New windows for a much nicer home


New windows provide privacy and security, enable ventilation and allow natural light to enter the room. Also known as window frames, doors and windows are important elements in the architectural design of a building. Indispensable in all buildings, thanks to the variety of designs and materials used in their manufacture, they also help to compose the decoration of rooms and can value the property.

See photos of doors and new windows for inspiration!

The many options to choose from are amazing and really add up to any house or apartment you have. It’s always good to take care in relation to the variation of materials and follow template measurements. The most traditional are doors and windows fixed at the stop by one of the side and open at an angle of 90 degrees. But the other options in the market can cause consumers look for alternatives to optimize your project. Before choosing the frames for their material – wood, aluminum, steel, iron, PVC -, you must define the aesthetic that you want to give the property. All the elements have strengths and weaknesses; just perform the analysis of the needs for the application of a particular material, checking costs, product dimensions and aesthetics of the type of new windows and door.


Each element has specific characteristics that determine where in the project may be used, according to Ana Paula. Thus, a careful analysis of the architect and the owner to get the best choice is essential. The frames of iron and steel, for example, are advantageous for its strength. However, they must have constant maintenance to prevent being attacked by rust, the use of electrical insulation, since iron is a good conductor of electricity, and it is necessary to invest in periodic pictures or specific treatments to prevent corrosion is important.

For anyone thinking of opting for wood, they have the durability increased by treatments against pests. But they must be constantly maintained to avoid being attacked by moisture and termites. It is also necessary to invest in periodic paintings or specific treatments to prolong the life of the product.

The aluminum frames for new windows stand out due to easy maintenance and weather resistance. They do not oxidize, do not lose their luster, they are lighter, cheaper, easier to design and implement, and the cleaning is done with warm water and mild detergent, using a soft cloth. On the maintenance, much depends on the environment. But a tip is valid anywhere: apply automotive wax with silicone after performed cleaning.

Choosing your new windows

When choosing doors and new windows, it is important to combine beauty and performance with economy and comfort in handling. Also, you should think about the composition of the rest of the environment so that, after installation, there are no problems in the furniture layout. It is also important to points out that investing in the appropriate choice of frames reflect the environments, making them modern, colonial, warm, clean, depending on the proposal for each project. Besides the need, we can dare and put different designs, sizes and materials of doors and windows in any environment, provided that there is harmony and integration to the project.

To choose the right model, you need to assess where it will be placed and the measures of the place. The doors and frequently used external windows are those that are resistant material to rain and sun. Since the inner does not have this problem, therefore, maintenance occurs on average every three years, because the bumps of daily strip both the ink and the varnish.

Other aspects to consider are the area and the climate of the site to be built. The doors and new windows of a house are the places where the greatest loss of air conditioning. Therefore, you must make the correct choice as the location and description of conditions to be built or renovated. Finally, we need to think of architecture as a whole.