The things you need to consider when buying aluminum or vinyl windows


When buying new windows for your house or property, most people choose either vinyl or aluminum windows as wooden windows are outdated and costly to maintain. It will be a good idea to compare between vinyl and aluminum windows and see which ones are better suited for your needs. We have a mini guide for that and we look at what the main features of aluminum and vinyl windows are and compare.

What are vinyl and aluminum windows?

Vinyl windows are partly made with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and are energy efficient, cheap to make and is different from cellular PVC as it is hollow inside.

Aluminum windows are made of aluminum metal and are less energy efficient, but is also far more durable than vinyl due to the aluminum material.

What are the differences between vinyl and aluminum windows?

When it comes to replacement windows at a budget, vinyl windows are a preferred choice for homeowners as they are far cheaper to buy and install. However, if a homeowner is looking for a long lasting frame, aluminum windows are unrivaled- their longevity outstrips vinyl windows and is architecturally more aesthetically pleasing than vinyl windows.

Wear and tear can occur with both types of windows. Vinyl can be susceptible to chips, breakages and discoloring over time. Aluminum can become corroded especially around coastal areas where water is a factor to take into consideration. Check here!

In terms of energy efficiency, vinyl is better in this respect. Aluminum, as a metal, conducts heat and so it is easier for heat to escape the room. This makes it problematic during the colder months of the year when heating bills go up. Vinyl as, essentially, a plastic, does not conduct heat very well, so helps to insulate the property better.

Aluminum windows are also better for weather conditions like high winds, typhoons, hurricanes and tornadoes as they are more impact resistant and durable- harder material than vinyl windows.

What to consider with these windows?

With vinyl windows, they are not necessarily the best windows if you live in a noisy neighborhood or where there are high winds on a frequent basis. They are also less environmentally friendly as they’re difficult to recycle.

With aluminum windows, avoid using them if you live close to a lake, beach or other body of water as this could increase the chances of corrosion. They are also dearer than vinyl.


When choosing a new or replacement window for your home, you should consider either vinyl or aluminum windows. Vinyl windows are cheap, easy to manufacture, energy efficient and easy to maintain. However, they’re not durable for weather conditions nor do they help to block out outside noise. Aluminum windows are more expensive, don’t do too well near beaches and are poor when trying to conserve heat and energy. However they offer far more durability andare more aesthetically pleasing. Taking all these considerations into account when buying a window will help prepare you for maintaining and any unexpected surprises with the window long-term.

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