Wood Vs. Vinyl: Why Vinyl is the obvious choice

You might find yourself in the odd spot of having to choose between wood and vinyl. You are probably tired of the same old windows, maybe you want more light in your house to save up on electricity, you might want to add more value, or you just feel like redecorating. For this, it is important to know exactly what kind of window your house needs. Without proper knowledge it can be very difficult and even intimidating. To give you a breath, we can start with knowing that there are two kinds of windows, and that is wood and vinyl.


True, wood windows do have their benefits, but you should really consider getting vinyl and this is why.Vinyl is more affordable as well as long lasting, enough to do so for a lifetime as they can resist all kinds of occurrences, unlike wood that will mold and disfigure to whatever nature will throw at it.Wood windows need to have constant maintenance if you want them to last, which not only makes getting the wood expensive, but the process of just keeping them. There is also the threat of termites, which not only can destroy your woods, but even risk your own home, inside and outside, material or even another being.After you install vinyl, and the maintenance is practically non-existent. You choose the color or the specific design you want on them and later there is no need to paint or fix. They are also harder to dirty as they don’t attract as much dirt as wood would. If they need to be cleaned, soap and water and it is easily gone. Whereas wood needs to be constantly watched and even needs to be refurbished to get rid of the slightest unwanted bump.Vinyl is insulative. It helps to keep heat during the winter, and during the summer it helps to keep it away. It prevents harmful solar rays from entering your home as well as toxic gasses.


If your purpose is for total worth, then indeed wood would be preferable. Wooden windows do attract more attention and they are more aesthetically pleasing. But do remember that vinyl can be customized to your wishes, to compete as beautifully as the majesty and reality of wood. You can order it to look exactly as wood and no one will be able to tell the difference. You actually have the chance to have wood without the hassle of maintenance and heavy care of wood.


On the last years, many customers have switched to vinyl and it will increase in the following years. The available threat is the future of composition windows, which is a combination of all kinds of windows, but that is another informative article.For now, if you want something that looks great, energy saving, barely no maintenance, affordable and looking to go through less work, then vinyl is the clear answer. This should help in making your decision clear and make obvious that you should go for vinyl.

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